Top Josie Azul


  • Product Description

      Josie is crafted from a luxurious, navy woven fabric with a textured finish. Her midriff is tailored to perfection in contrast to her full, long sleeves with board upper areas and fitted cuffs, allowing for easy mobility. Her neckline is oval and generous.
      Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane.


      Taille (3-4 doigts au-dessus du nombril)

      Contour du buste
      XS 66-69 cm. 85-88 cm.
      S 69-73 cm. 88-92 cm.
      M 73-77 cm. 92-96 cm.
      L 77-81 cm. 96-100 cm.
      XL 81-85 cm. 100-104 cm.
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